Edging, Top Soil, & Gator Dust


One of the largest suppliers of local buff and gray limestone in the Midwest

We are here to educate and guide individuals on the uses of natural stone for any project you may have. Once we help you find the type of stone that works best for you, we also provide referral services for experienced stone masons and landscaping companies that can transform your existing area into something truly unique. We are happy to announce the offering of how-to classes throughout the year by highly experienced contractors to answer questions and provide literature on stone landscaping at our shop. So, stop in and make your landscaping dream a reality to be proud of. We deliver both bulk and palletized material throughout the KC Metro area.

Landscape Supplies

Autumn Haze 4×4 Edging

Birch White 4×4 Edging

Brookridge 4×4 Edging Strips

Burgundy Gray 4×4

Holston Valley 4×4 Edging

James Creek 4×4 Edging

Multi-Colored 4×4 Edging

Multi-Colored 4×8 Edging

Pecos Tan 4×4 Edging

Pecos Tan 4×8 Edging

Top Soil: Edging, Top Soil, & Gator Dust





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